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Software is a big part of every industry and it's only going to get bigger. Being part of a software team that is constantly helping other businesses to automate and optimize their systems means there is never a boring day. Being able to work with smart people that just want to make a difference and have great synergy is awesome.

Red Pepper is the place to be.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Casey Pettingill
CEO / Founder

Casey is the CEO and President of Red Pepper Software. He has worked in the software industry since the year 2000, where he graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems Read More » from Brigham Young University. Mr. Pettingill founded Red Pepper Software in 2007 and is highly skilled in Microsoft SQL Server, SaaS, and C#. « Show Less

Jenna George
Director of Partnerships

Jenna George is the Director of Partnerships at Red Pepper. She joined the Red Pepper executive team here in 2016 bringing her strengths in strategic planning, team building, and networking with her. Read More » Jenna brings the people side to our fast-growing technology company. She leaves the heads down coding to those who love that, and she spends her time with the people, her love.« Show Less

John Keller
Retail & Technology

John is a retail and technology operator and investor. He takes pride in working with people to identify strengths and weaknesses to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our team. Read More » John is also a doer, and feels most comfortable when things are growing faster than is comfortable. He received his bachelor's degree in international business, entrepreneurship and development. He loves learning new things and connecting old concepts in meaningful ways. « Show Less

The Red Pepper Process

1. Introduction

Free consultation to ensure our capabilities match the client's needs.

2. Bid/Timeline Estimate

We analyze the technical requirements of the project to give an initial estimate of start date, end date, total number of hours, and cost.

3. Discovery

A deep dive into the details of the project—essentially giving the client a blueprint of the software

4. Development

Build, test, and deliver

5. Ongoing Support

Managed housing: support is offered on a contractual basis and is designed to handle whatever assistance may be needed throughout the life of the software.

Our Simple Pricing Process
Hourly rate × Number of Hours + Cost of Materials

We love what we do!

At RPS we are passionate about building great software. We relentlessly pursue improvement, strive to lift others up, do more with less, and are actively engaged in our passions/pursuing our goals. We are authentic and passionate about both business and life. We are obsessed with improvement and determined each day to win that next percentage point of potential away from what could be and make it what is.

Our employees stay because they love the obstacles our teams are able to help our clients overcome and take pride in the excellent work they deliver. We are passionate about helping you discover what you need to do/build to accomplish Y. We’re engaged in great work- building awesome stuff matters.

We follow SCRUM practices. RPS employees are authentic and transparent which helps us get to the root of the problem asap, address it/fix it, and keep moving forward.

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"Fail fast, fail forward"

-- John C. Maxwell

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