Qualtrics Event Registration FAQs

How can I leverage my existing Qualtrics license for event registration?

If you already have a Qualtrics license, you can leverage it for event registration by utilizing the platform’s event management capabilities, including registration forms, attendee tracking, and reporting.

Is Qualtrics compliant with data security and privacy regulations for event registrations?

Yes, Qualtrics takes data security and privacy seriously. The platform is designed to comply with industry-leading security standards and regulations, ensuring the protection of attendee data.

Is there any customer support and assistance for the event registration process?

Red Pepper Software has a team of experienced Qualtrics Experts who are ready to help! We have comprehensive customer support to assist you throughout the event registration process, ensuring you have the help you need to create a successful event.

How can I leverage my existing Qualtrics license for event registration?

Yes, you can create custom score reports or generate single response reports with Custom PDFs. You can even set up triggers to generate new PDF reports for each response to your survey, or send a randomized sample of responses to get an in-depth view of a larger group.


Is Qualtrics suitable for both small and large-scale events?

Yes, you can schedule report emails with Custom PDFs. You can set up custom intervals or triggers, including on a schedule, to generate and automatically send reports via email.


Is it possible to create personalized reports using Custom PDFs?

Yes, you can create personalized reports using Custom PDFs. You can generate new PDF reports for each response to your survey or customize report templates to suit your needs.

Does Qualtrics offer options for creating personalized event invitations and reminders?

There are several support options available from Red Pepper Software for users of Custom PDFs. If you are a Qualtrics user, you can use the free Qualtrics support line. Red Pepper can help you with complex issues and questions specific to your organization.

What are some use cases for Custom PDFs

Custom PDF Reports can be used for a variety of purposes, including team productivity reports, detailed “deep dives” on individual responses, employee sentiment and feedback from annual reviews for company leadership, ticketing reports for IT and customer service, the ability to share survey results with external parties or non-registered users, and audit reports for managers. Custom PDFs reports are highly customizable and can be tailored to suit your organization’s unique needs.


How can custom PDFs benefit my organization?

Custom PDF Reports can help your organization distribute valuable insights from your Qualtrics projects to anyone in your organization, regardless of their Qualtrics status. This can create new possibilities for collaboration and action within your teams, and it can help drive positive change in your organization.