Enhancing Patient Well-being: RISE Services’ Implementation Journey with Qualtrics and Red Pepper

RISE Services embarked on an implementation journey with the goal of surveying their patients to track their progress in specific quality-of-life dimensions over time. The client wanted to measure improvements in security and rights, community engagement, relationships, choices, and program satisfaction. Before the implementation, they used manual methods for surveying their clients and reporting. It was time-consuming and prone to errors. They lacked the necessary automation.

To combat these challenges, the implementation team introduced Qualtrics as a solution. They worked closely with RISE Services to design and implement a new survey system that would automate the feedback process and generate comprehensive reports. Qualtrics’ survey functionality allowed them to capture data through customized surveys on the quality of life dimensions of interest.

This implementation process included the development and creation of dashboards for data visualization and analysis. These dashboards helped RISE to monitor their patient progress and identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement. Over time, these dashboards allowed them to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their programs and services.

After successful implementation, RISE Services benefited from automated processes, saving time and resources. They praised the implementation team for thoroughness, clear communication, and exceeding expectations. The partnership continued to strengthen, exploring additional features and expansions.

Qualtrics implementation streamlined surveys and reporting, automated data collection, and provided valuable patient insights. Dashboards enabled continuous improvement. RISE Services achieved efficiency, accuracy, and effective patient progress tracking, supporting their mission of providing high-quality care.