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So You Have The EX Data, Now What? Moving from Signal to Insight to Action

We’ll discuss the importance of feedback in shaping the employee experience and how to effectively gather and utilize it.


January 23, 2024 | 9:00 AM PT


Kalifa Oliver, Ph.D

Employee Experience Expert and Executive Advisor

Kalifa Oliver specializes in optimizing and humanizing the relationship between people and technology to make work more efficient and to improve the employee experience. She is an experienced HR executive focused on building high performing and inclusive cultures and positive end-to-end employee experience for organizations. She has led HR/Talent teams and transformation initiatives to provide executive decision support and help leaders successfully leverage people data, analytics, and insights to produce better business and financial outcomes. In addition to her own consulting company, she currently serves as Director of Employee Experience at Ford Motor Company and a University Lecturer at Clemson.