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The Big Picture: Navigating the Complexities of Journey Mapping in Enterprise Customer Experience

Overcome the challenges of managing customer experience in large, complex organizations, understanding the complete customer journey, how the data speaks to all points of the business, and how to navigate organizational hierarchies.


  • The ROI between great CX and loyalty
  • The steps to take to create a successful action-led CX program
  • How to leverage your CX metrics to improve the customer journey, including customer service and digital


Nate Brown

Co-Founder of CX Accelerator

Nate is a passionate advocate for all things customer-related. His expertise lies in empowering employees to understand and enhance the customer journey. Nate's career is a blend of hands-on experience and strategic consultancy within numerous world-class organizations. His dedication to making Customer Experience resonate and stick is evident in his approach. At CX Accelerator, founded in November 2017 and based in the Greater Nashville Area, Nate has created a vibrant community that supports CX professionals.