Revolutionizing Data Dynamics: Amazon's Seamless Transition to Qualtrics Foundation License with Red Pepper Software

Amazon was rapidly growing and changing in so many ways. It was necessary that they were able to keep up with all of the growth. While Amazon had a Core XM License, they recognized the need to harness the advanced reporting capabilities offered by the Foundation License, particularly for the ability to monitor CSAT data trends over time. Amazon’s partnership with Red Pepper Software marked a critical transition in their approach to data collection and analysis.

Red Pepper played a pivotal role in ensuring this transition was seamless. The move to the Foundation License was motivated by the need for quicker data processing and the capacity to manage surveys across numerous departments effectively. With numerous surveys across different departments, Amazon required a system that could efficiently process the data and enable easy monitoring.

One solution that Red Pepper provided was the creation of dashboards. These dashboards became instrumental during Amazon’s transition phase. They offered a visual and interactive interface to quickly understand and view incoming data, which was crucial for a company of Amazon’s scale. This ability to rapidly access and interpret data was particularly important for timely decision-making.

Training was another key aspect of this partnership. Red Pepper facilitated full training implementation for Amazon to ensure that the entire team could effectively use their new Qualtrics license. This comprehensive training covered a wide array of aspects, from generic training to specific guidance on different product surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, supply chain surveys, internal employee surveys, and more.

With Red Pepper’s expertise, Amazon’s transition from an enterprise license to their new license was not only smooth but also empowered Amazon to fully leverage the capabilities of Qualtrics. With the ability to better monitor data trends and quickly process data over a wide range of departments, Amazon was able to stay ahead of the growth and more. This partnership showed the value of technology and expert support in helping organizations adapt to new tools and methodologies, ultimately enhancing their decision-making, efficiency, and customer experience strategies.

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AMAZON Revolutionizing Data Dynamics: Amazon’s Seamless Transition to Qualtrics Foundation License with Red Pepper Software Amazon was rapidly growing and…
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