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Allegheny County Transforms Feedback Processes with Red Pepper Software and Qualtrics

Allegheny County in Pennsylvania recently underwent a transformative journey in their feedback and survey processes. Seeking to move away from outdated paper surveys, the county collaborated with Red Pepper Software. By leveraging Red Pepper’s expertise in Qualtrics Implementation, Allegheny County successfully automated their surveys and achieved their goal of efficiency and accuracy.

The primary goal of Allegheny County’s implementation was to replace their cumbersome paper surveys with a more efficient and accurate solution. With the help of Qualtrics and Red Pepper, the county aimed to implement EX 360 to gain an understanding, and streamline their feedback management. If they failed they would have resulted in significant financial losses, wasted resources, and missed opportunities for growth and improvement.

The partnership between Allegheny County and Red Pepper Software yielded numerous wins for all parties involved. For Allegheny County, the benefits were substantial. They automated a labor-intensive process, trading in piles of paper surveys for clean dashboards. Red Pepper Software provided further support through both our unique “train the trainer” model and our post-implementation office hours. They gained confidence in running EX 360, unlocking valuable insights that were previously unknown.

Through their collaboration with Red Pepper Software, Allegheny County successfully revolutionized their feedback processes, leaving behind the limitations of paper surveys. The implementation of Qualtrics empowered the county to effectively implement EX 360, automate workflows, and gain valuable knowledge. This partnership exemplifies how organizations can leverage innovative technology to enhance operations, save resources, and achieve remarkable success in their feedback initiatives.

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